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Patent Office gives patent applicants option for accelerated examination. Basically, if the applicant does a decent patent search and provides the patent examiner with the search results and opinion, the examination will be accelerated to reach final decision within 12 months.; This is a major advance since most applicants WANT the examiner to review the most relevant art so that the patent is more likely to stand up in any court challenge.
US Patent Office receives 443,000 new patent applications.  Despite increasing fees, patent applications continue to be filed in ever increasing numbers.  In 2005, the USPTO received a record 409,000 new patent applications.
The Korean Patent Office is now an approved Int. Search Authority for US filed PCT applications.  It is, in fact, the cheapest at $232 versus the US search fee of $300 and the much, much higher EPO search fee of $2059.
Trademark fees now up to $100 lower for electronic filing.  See our IP Trademark News.