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Net News


Statutes LII (law source website by Cornell Law School)

Internet News Aggregators:

InternetNews.Com Yahoo Internet News


Gigalaw a leading Internet lawyer's blog on Internet legal developments and news

Government Sources:

ICANN (The governing body for the Internet)

US Patent & Trademark Office

Federal Trade Commission

eZines (In-depth coverage of high-tech movers and shakers from the San Jose Mercury News)

The Standard (widely read Internet news source)

Silicon Alley Network (News and gossip from New York's high tech 'hood.)

Law Firm Information

The Burdick Law Firm

Scholarly Articles on Internet Law

Legal Checklist for Starting a Website

Webhosts | |

Law School Sources

Cyberspace Law (John Marshall Law School, Chicago, IL)

The State Court Locator (Villanova University School of Law)

Berkman Center (Harvard Law School Internet Society)